"Market Bipolarity is something no one understands, but if you hold digital assets right now (and even if you donít) you may as well get the hang of it, because its core tenants are vital to understanding how valuations in these assets are formed.

The concept of Bipolar, Cyclothymic and Cluster B Markets is in fact an especially essential one to understanding digital assets such as Ethereum, where smart contracts etc. are in use. Itís complicated but Iíll try to distil it easily here as I believe it is the essence of interpreting value in this market.

First of all, I want to make it very clear. Bipolar Markets is my own observation and theory based on:

1) the Theory of Reflexivity which belongs to George Soros;

2) my own observations of how different thinking participants act in capital market cycles;

3) annexing my understanding of the latter with my understanding of the function and affect of the Blockchain economically speaking."


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