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Thread: Problems connecting to the network? Read this!

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    Important Problems connecting to the network? Read this!

    I will try and sum up the best I can for fixing this issue.

    To add nodes so you can connect to the network if default nodes aren't available at the time.
    You can visit this page:

    This page will give you a list of nodes, just copy and paste them in to your
    fluttercoin.conf file.

    For linux just "nano ~/.fluttercoin/fluttercoin.conf"

    For windows browse to c:\users\YOURUSERNAME\appdata\roaming\.fluttercoin \
    It is possible the path above may be invalid depending on windows version.
    Windows 7/8/10 won't recognize the file but you should be able to right click and open with -> notepad
    From there just copy and paste the nodes from the above link.

    Restart your client and wait minimum 10 minutes.

    Any questions, comments?
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