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    Important Me!

    I have gone no where! For some odd reason I have a new computer now and no matter what I try the group chat will not pop up for anything. So for now I am my android phone which still has the team chat.

    So for now, I am still around just not completely in the know on the project until I figure out this goofy skype problem. If it would be possible for someone to kick me "mcbride2001" from the group and re invite me, that could fix it.

    But for now respond to this thread so I get notification in email if anyone needs me.

    FTL F9Re35y9pgAtPXkXMfruxmQSES4bJvtpSK
    BM-2cUJdnCsXBHxktTp7i7EYAj4x11UL2BpWe Feel free to chat!

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