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    TeamFLT announcement

    Hey guys,

    After a year within TeamFLT and fluttercoin community - I decided to leave for personnal reasons - and because i'm not anymore comfortable in that spot. When I give my support to something, I want to give it 100% - and I feel that I can't do it anymore at that level, so it is time for others to fill the gap, if gap it is.

    What I always loved with FLT was mostly Proof-of-Transaction potential, and TeamFLT ethic sense. Before I leave, I would like to repeat how important it is to be able to sleep well. In TeamFLT, we never took shortcut, never tried to hype out of thin air, never cheated, never lied to community - and it is something we can be proud in this age of scammers, criminals, bullshiters and so on. We did it right on that front, and it is what i mean by ''sleeping well''.

    I realy hope that TeamFLT continue in that direction. It would heart braking to see FLT downgraded to a PnD shit, or worst. I did mistakes, but something I always followed was to be ethic - and members of TeamFLT always been.

    So thank you guys for this journey - it's cool to see new fresh blood coming in - it's time for me to make some room !

    Soltantgris - Yan

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    I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you change your mind and come back someday when you see how great FLT is doing.

    That being said, I respect your decision and wish you the best in your other projects.

    FLT: FBGqeGv8F5c5b2GTyuNhsjQ6N3kQ1UesWb

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    I would appreciate if you guys can pull my name and icon from FLT website and BCT OP.

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