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Thread: Bounty offer - 150,000 FLT - Testing and Compiling work for

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    Bounty Bounty offer - 150,000 FLT - Testing and Compiling work for

    Bounty amount: 150,000 FLT

    Task description: Testing and compiling (Mac) the next release of the Fluttercoin wallet v0.7.5.15

    Funds will be splitted between participants in proportion of their contribution to the task.

    Bounty Fund thread:
    FLT: FBGqeGv8F5c5b2GTyuNhsjQ6N3kQ1UesWb

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    25k to jarrid - windows builds and setup files
    c32a3dae14c9ef728f641ecdd45cf0f3db7c63bc460fdb0654 90b1465482de07

    25k to slax0r - macosx
    bb0497e8d5d1847b50069e7cb2c726e7aa41403dae8e634f9d 65d270bd7c6842

    75k to kz - colorization of messaging, free fluttershare, lots of late night work!
    09875096f3300ba83c9cd736b24350c7cbe151329e37752a7c c34865fe8b8989 - messed up sent to kz from my wallet
    7dab4bd17ee5e9f24420399a9cb62dd732c59d77ecafb3801a f5caa296e3387f - fixed by sending to my wallet

    25k to pille - op and website revisions
    09871614b67ff547fb2b5f353a31581fe922d087e0d69f8954 8f53014f3ebfcd

    0k to ofeefee - fluttercoin swag

    i need more fluttercoin to give out for all this great work!
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    Bounty Fund - FShqpDupfZKaw6zkDyqYhZop3P86NRZiet -- Encrypted Messages -> FTxsH2uHjQzHP4wB8kaehskvDtN4NBoEAf + tgsY5eqCctLsv7PSVGud5naciFZEGBifqoYgpUwocRJC

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