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Thread: Testing - v0.7.5.15

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    Testing - v0.7.5.15

    I started this thread, so when we make changes, we have a place to document what we have done, and what's ready for testing, etc.

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    Fixed a bug in blockbrowser which caused client crash, added a stake splitting option so you can customize your blocks, updated all the coin control enhancements recently added, and added a return change to the sender address, available on github if you want the latest.

    FYI, there is an issue when splitting blocks where the fee is not calculated properly on larger splits. I tested trying to split a block into 50 smaller chunks, and ran into the issue. My solution at the moment is to select the blocks i wanted to split, set my split blocks, check return change, and send less than original. Another option is to use less # of splits.

    What is happening here is coin control is estimating the size of the block and the amount of the fee, and then you copy after fee, but then you output it to a bunch of outputs which increases the fee.

    For instance, i select 12k of blocks to split, check return change, select 10 blocks, and set my address to send the split to (has to be one in the wallet), set amount to 11k and send. This will generate 10 blocks ~1100, and another block about 900 or so.

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