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Thread: [ANN][FLT] FLUTTERCOIN Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ| PoT - Proof of Transaction | NEW OP v0.7.5.15

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    Sticky [ANN][FLT] FLUTTERCOIN Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ| PoT - Proof of Transaction | NEW OP v0.7.5.15

    Nav: [iurl=#about]about FLT[/iurl] | [iurl=#specs]Specs[/iurl] | [iurl=#downloads]Downloads[/iurl] | [iurl=#explorers]Explorers[/iurl] | [iurl=#exchanges]Exchanges[/iurl] | [iurl=#pools]Pools[/iurl] | [iurl=#web]Web[/iurl] | [iurl=#services]Services[/iurl] | [iurl=#follow]Follow[/iurl] | [iurl=#buy]Buy[/iurl] | [iurl=#play]Play[/iurl] | [iurl=#news]News[/iurl] | [iurl=#team]Team[/iurl]

    Fluttercoin is a community driven triple hybrid coin and the very first to offer a highly secure network through:
    Proof of Work (Mining), Proof of Stake (Investing), and its own highly innovative Proof of Transaction (Using).

    Fair Distribution. No Premine. No Instamine. No IPO.[/size]

    [iurl=#news][size=14pt]↳ visit whole ROADMAP[/size][/iurl]

    [iurl=#whitepapers][size=14pt]↳ WHITEPAPERS[/size][/iurl]

    [size=14pt]WHY FLUTTERCOIN?[/size]

    This is Fluttercoin. In the new generation of decentralization and open source, we learn from the success and mistakes of our past along with those of our fellow crypto communities to evolve into a new breed of currency.

    Imagine the power of the community behind Dogecoin and couple it with new innovation and powerful real use in the world and you might just have Fluttercoin!

    We were once a mere caterpillar. We've entered our caccoon. Now it's time to spread our wings and fly!


    We the community control the voice and vision of fluttercoin.

    We decide as a community for the best of the community.

    Want to be heard? Get involved and your opinion will help shape the future of Fluttercoin.


    A growing team of developers; each an investor of time, effort, and stock in Fluttercoin.

    Strongly backed community funded bounties for projects and marketing (

    Personal businesses and projects by Fluttercoin users catering to fluttercoin customers for discounts and special features

    [size=14pt]FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE[/size]

    The fluttercoin community aims to be family and friendly safe. Something that can cater to the general population of Facebook and Instagram users of all ages, gender, and race.

    We have a team of beautiful, smart, and sophisticated FLUTTERGIRLS who are working with us to promote Fluttercoin and show that cryptocurrency is not just for the boys Wink.

    Bickering is a thing of the past. We believe in debates and logic over arguments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we all listen and communicate in a respectful way.


    • [li]Algorithm: Scrypt[/li]
      [li]PoW Supply: Approximately 200,000,000[/li]
      [li]PoS Rate: Minimum proof-of-stake interest rate is 5% per coin year[/li]
      [li]PoS Maturity Time: Minimum 30 days, Maximum 90 days[/li]
      [li]PoT Minimum Transaction Size: 1 FLT[/li]
      [li]PoT Occurence: 80%[/li]
      [li]PoT Rewards: 1 FLT/block (5% of the PoW reward)[/li]
      [li]Block Rewards: Static reward 20 FLT[/li]
      [li]Community Github:[/li]


    RPC Port: 7474
    P2P Port: 7408




    • [li][/li]










    Changes (1/9/2015)

    Wallet Updates - Code Completed in release

    • [li]Ubuntu PPA Configurations - allows for apt-get install[/li]
      [li]Free Fluttershare - earn free fluttercoin for running app[/li]
      [li]Return Change - checkbox allows for returning change to existing wallet address[/li]
      [li]Time based progress sync bar - updated progress bar so it reflects time information for syncing[/li]
      [li]Messaging - colorization, ease of use, copy address[/li]
      [li]SplitBlock - addressbook adjusts if it's enabled to let you quickly choose one of your addresses[/li]
      [li]Fluttershare - bugfixes, no longer creates change addresses[/li]

    Wallet Updates - Code Completed in release

    • [li]Secure Messaging[/li]
      [li]Block Explorer[/li]
      [li]GUI updates[/li]
      [li]FlutterSpeed updates[/li]
      [li]Limit stake splitting to blocks over 1000 FLT[/li]
      [li]Add age and potential stake to coin control[/li]
      [li]Add a stake status bar notifier to show if coins are ready or time until[/li]

    Wallet Updates - Code Completed in release

    • [li]Qt5 migration - allows for more flexibility in wallet design and deployments[/li]
      [li]flutterspeed - fast blockchain sync[/li]
      [li]fluttershare - share some of you pos rewards with another flt address[/li]
      [li]updated check which notifies on new client release[/li]
      [li]updated subver for tracking peer version tracking[/li]
      [li]Staking icon fixes[/li]
      [li]Fixed issue where wallet is unlocked and you send coins and it relocks[/li]
      [li]Reduced alert time to 24hours[/li]
      [li]Reduced mining confirmation from 112 to 32[/li]
      [li]Fixed Mac minimizing bug[/li]
      [li]added Lock Wallet option in menu[/li]
      [li]Unlock wallet for staking - allows you to unlock the wallet for staking only, but prevents sending coins without entering the wallet passphrase[/li]
      [li]Lock wallet added to menu - allows securing wallet without needing to go through debug console, or stopping/starting the client[/li]
      [li]Bugfix for Staking icon - icon had a bug where it would not update after sending coins showing that it was staking but it was not. Icon now updates when locking/unlocking properly[/li]

    Future Wallet Updates

    • [li]Sounds - add audio notifications to the wallet to provide feedback on a variety of items, syncing, receiving coins, sending coins[/li]
      [li]Icon Updates - update icons to provide a fresh wallet feel, also update mining, sending, receiving icons with icons that easily distinguish from PoT, PoS, and PoW transactions.[/li]
      [li]Ease of use enhancements, updating of notification system, adding additional menu items for commonly used features.[/li]
      [li]SMS Wallet - Allows for sending and receiving fluttercoin via text messaging[/li]
      [li]Wallet Integration of SMS - Allows for sending fluttercoin from existing wallet to SMS wallet easily, and ability to check the balance of the SMS Wallet[/li]
      [li]Updated Web Wallet - FLT currently has a web wallet. This allows sending and receiving FLT via a web page, or mobile device. This is currently supported, but additional work is necessary to make it easy to use.[/li]

    Previous changes

    • [li]Updated PoT code to handle how it checks for transactions[/li]
      [li]Updated alert and checkpoint keys[/li]
      [li]Modified PoT code to make it compatable with MacOSX Maverick and later[/li]
      [li]Modified MacOSx build configurations to simplify this so it will build properly[/li]
      [li]Updated Gitian build process[/li]
      [li]Added Weight field to coin control allowing to easily see mature blocks for staking.[/li]
      [li]Updated Fluttercoin loading icon to add proper transparency[/li]
      [li]Modified and added new DNSSeed nodes[/li]
      [li]Disabled IRC by default[/li]
      [li]Updated client to only sync with latest clients to prevent some sync errors.[/li]
      [li]Added a new checkpoint node to provide proper checkpointing[/li]
      [li]Updated some translations that were incorrect - one was 520 blocks for stake blocks to mature, it is 112[/li]


    [size=9pt][color=#547be4]Project Manager - APCOINS[color=green][/size]
    [size=9pt]Lead Dev - Ofeefee[/size]
    [size=9pt]Assistant Dev - Slax0r[/size]
    [size=9pt]Assistant Dev - Michaeladair[/size]
    [size=8pt]Public Relations - DogeDigital[/size]
    [size=9pt]Public Relations - Soltangris[/size]
    [size=9pt]Forum Mod - Imbecileee[/size]
    [size=9pt]Forum Mod - KDioby[/size]
    [size=9pt]Multipool Op - IcarusGlider[/size]
    [size=9pt]Graphic Designer - pille[/size]
    [size=9pt]Main Fluttergirl - Minh[/size]
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