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Thread: [GUIDE] Stake your Fluttercoin on the AWS free tier

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    [GUIDE] Stake your Fluttercoin on the AWS free tier

    Greetings Friends! A friend asked me recently "hey, how can I stake those coins you gave me." I went through the lazy man's method (no compile) which is just to download and run the x64 wallet daemon, send some coins and start staking! Here it is, add any suggestions and comments.

    Get a new account with Amazon AWS and get Free Tier usage for 1 full year (last I checked). Launch an Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS Free tier. Ensure that your security group (firewall) settings are locked down. SSH access is the sole requirement, by your own IP address only is best.

    Again, this install method does NOT require compiling. Alternatively and probably less controversally have a look at this post by ofeefee on how to compile your own wallet on AWS:

    STEP 1)
    Downloand and unzip the wallet daemon.
    sudo apt-get install unzip



    STEP 2)
    Run wallet for the first time


    STEP 3)
    You get the error "To use fluttercoind, you must set a rpcpassword in the configuration file".
    Copy and paste the recommended user and password lines into new file, so open the Editor:

    pico /home/ubuntu/.fluttercoin/fluttercoin.conf

    copy and paste in this section below (use the random pass generated on your screen or create your own, its not used anyway)
    rpcpassword=7LVmtx6g8dPMx99Y48HBzeLXKdgkiW6aEnGymc JMord

    Save (write out) the file:
    CTRL-O and ENTER to save. Next CTRL-X to exit.

    STEP 4)
    Run the wallet in a screen session
    screen /home/ubuntu/./fluttercoind

    STEP 5)

    Hold 'CTRL-A' and press 'D' to detach the screen session.

    Next we'll get some wallet address information. It may take a while for the blockchain to sync so be patient.

    /home/ubuntu/./fluttercoind listreceivedbyaddress 0 true

    and get the balance and other coin info:
    /home/ubuntu/./fluttercoind getinfo

    Thats about all I can cover here but I hope this gets you started staking free and reliably. You can safely run EXIT or just close the SSH session and the wallet will continue to run until the server is reboot or shutdown. After you have some coins transferred be sure to use SCP to securely copy your wallet files. Good luck, happy staking!

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