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Thread: Roadmap - Some ideas !

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    Roadmap - Some ideas !

    Hey all,

    Now that we are full public - in my opinion, it's time to clearly set our roadmap. We need to let people know what's next, and why they should invest and join us.

    So I shoot some random idea here, the name of the game is ''No Limit FLT'' ! Share any ideas, realistic or not, so we will know what the community want TeamFLT to work on.

    SO :

    1 – 2FA for any big transfert, and 2FA when many transactionoccure on a short laps of time.No 2FAfor little transaction.
    -----) That would protect against hack, and allow friendlyuse too.
    2 – Dedicated sending address.For exchanges and merchants, a wallet thatallow sending to just few address would be a must.Would protect against hack.
    3 – Chat – messaging.
    4 – AUTO-UPDATE !It’s a pain in the ass to always have to check if we have the goodversion and all.
    5 – Animation – design – sound FX.Look at SilkCoin wallet.It’s cool, it’s nice.We can be more cool, nicer.I want our wallet to reflect our image.
    6 – Stack for TeamFLT !I would allow user to set a % of staking income to go straight to ourTeamFLT dev Fund
    8 – Integrated FLT – BTC market.
    9 – I would want all this in my cellphone.
    On top of it, I would change the coin itself :
    -Cut maturity time a lot.
    -Increase PoT reward a lot.
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    Cutting maturity time, increasing PoT reward and a more fancy looking wallet (especially to make it more distinguishable from the bitcoin wallet) sound great. NXT wallet and black coin wallet look nice.
    By the way, does anyone know why the maturity time is so long? It feels like it takes years before you can stake.

    Here are my suggestion (mostly addressing user-friendliness):

    1. alias system (like NXT)

    I think it is much more user-friendly if the user is able to send money to an easy human-memoriseable Account ID, instead of a wired sequence of numbers and characters

    2. include comment within transactions
    To make it easier for the receiver to relate an incoming transaction to a specific issue, e. g. salary, payment for a specific product, customer ID, ...

    3. associate account with some kind of profile
    By this, we could improve, for instance, the payment-confirmation dialog in the wallet. One could verify that the entered receiving address is the the one of the intended receiver.

    4. (long-term) anonymous transactions.
    However, I'm not sure which system to choose. Properly, the "right" system is not yet available. Let's see Anoncoin performs with zerochash implementation. As far as I understood: Cryptonote bloats the block chain. Mixing needs master nodes.
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