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Thread: Wallet update - fluttercoin v. (Windows, Linux and Mac)

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    Wallet update - fluttercoin v. (Windows, Linux and Mac)

    Latest release of the Fluttercoin wallet.

    - Mac wallet available
    - Weight fields in coin control (coin-age maturity for staking)
    - Filters to sort transactions (date, sent to, received with, mined, etc.)
    - Transparancy image changes (when loading after launch)

    Most importantly, it only syncs with our clients, but remains compatible with the old version just doesn't talk with them for syncing.


    - Backup your wallet

    - Download the new release

    x86 is for Windows-32 bit
    x64 is for Windows-64 bit

    If you're not sure what version you have.

    Go on your Desktop.

    Right-click on the Computer icon / Properties.

    - Create a new folder on your desktop and extract the file into it.

    Run fluttercoin-qt.exe

    - Delete the folder where you had the previous version.
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    Instructions for those who thinks they are not on the right chain.

    Verify if you are in sync with the block explorer

    Download links (Windows and Linux)

    If you were already in sync go directly to step 2.
    If you are not in sync (or in sync but on a wrong chain that doesn't match the explorer) follow step 1 and 2.

    -Start button (Windows)
    -Search : %appdata%
    -Open the Fluttercoin folder :backup wallet.dat
    -Delete all files in the folder except wallet.dat

    This will delete the entire blockchain and sync from 0 after update.

    -Delete the files in the folder where you unzipped the last version (32/setup.exe, fluttercoin-qt, 64/setup.exe, fluttercoin-qt)
    -Unzip the new version
    -Run fluttercoin-qt
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