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    Hey all

    As much as I like the decentralized aspect of our group (and the protocol in general), I wonder if a little bit of structural organization would be a good step forward. Everybody is free to do everything - right - but still it would be much more efficient to have some sort of task description to avoid duplicate the job - or miss some important things.

    Best exemple is the exchanges. I know some of us are sending email - tweet - information to the exchanges to help them get back in sync - but still, it is a long process, and Im not sure how its looks like from their perspective. Imagine, they receive random infos from different person, often they don't even know them. They are not sure what to do. They don't want to jeopardize so much FLT on the wrong chain etc.

    In an well organized group - we would have 1-2 dedicated person handling the exchanges, doing PR, getting direct contact, help with technical issue, etc. Our community would not have to worry at all, those 1-2 persons taking responsibility to handle all this (and asking direct help if needed).

    So, what if those 2 persons don't know how to help an exchange getting back on track ?

    Well we would have 1-2 persons available to help with the technical part. And so on.

    We already mostly know who can do what - but we have hard time knowing what is actually done, almost done, or not done at all. So some kind of easy-to-read organigrams would be a powerful tools to get things much faster in my opinion.

    Hermann, our Icelandic Viking, have some ideas on this matter - and I do trust him a lot. Let's hear what he have to say tonight - and see if we can use some form of structure.

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    For those not in the Skype group - I would just update a little bit. Vacations slowed us a little bit (yeah some of us actually use some vacation, so bad I know), but we are now speeding up a lot. Organisation is better but still its a work in progress.

    Join us ! It's a fun ride. Don't let our investment in stranger hands. You don't know us ? Well it's easy to handle. My Skype is soltantgris.

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